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9U - Novice/Tadpole

The Novice/Tadpole Division plays 4 innings per game. There are 60 feet between bases and 42 ft. from pitching rubber to home plate. Pitchers are used for the first two innings and a pitching machine is used for the last 2 innings. There is a maximum run limit of 2 runs per inning with pitchers, and 4 runs per inning with pitching machine, except in the final inning where unlimited runs may be scored. No lead-offs or base stealing is allowed. No more than 10 players on the field at one time and no more than 6 infielders including pitcher and catcher with 4 outfielders.

For a full set of 2020 GVBA House rules for the 9U Division please click HERE...

Age Requirements -

Age limits for this division are 7/8 year old.

For next season, April 2020, you will have to be 7 or 8 as of December 31st 2019.

Q - When is registration?

A - Registration opens November 1st and will be open until March 13th, providing we don`t reach capacity first.

Q - How much does it cost to play?

A - 2020 Registration prices are follows....

Early Bird - Nov.1st to Nov.30th = $172.50

Regular - Dec.1st to Feb.29th = $197.50

Late - Mar.1st  to Mar.13th = $232.50

**Registrations cancelled AFTER March 15th 2020 are subject to a $50 cancellation fee to cover club expenditures incurred during the regsitration process.

Q - What kind of commitment does Novice require? How many sessions a week?

A - 3 days a week.  Due to member feedback (and neighborhood complaints) we are looking to change things up in 2020. With our league growing by leaps and bounds the last few years we are pushing the limits for space by having all the kids practicing all on one night, 98 kids in 2019. We are looking at having practices on either Tuesday's or Friday's with some sort of rotation for teams on a week by week basis. Games will most likely be on Saturday mornings or early afternoons. Theses projected dates and times are subject to change however as we work out our final schedule leading up to the Spring season.

Q - Where do we have our practices and games?

ATypically at Ed Fisher Park or A.T. Gordon and sometimes down at JDF Ballpark.

Q - How long is the season?

A - The 2020 season opens April 4th and runs until about the 3rd week of June.  They will play about 12 games over that time frame.

Q - What equipment does my child require?

A - The must haves are a helmet, glove, cleats and ball pants.  The league will supply a team shirt and hat to each player along with a couple of bats for the team to share.

Q - What are my Volunteer requirements?

A - Each family must complete 1 volunteer shift (up to 3 hrs) per child registered.  A volunteer shift can be a shift in the concession or it could be selling 50/50 tickets at our May Long Tournament, there will be many opportunities to work off your requirements before, during and even after the season. Follow this link to receive some more info.

Q - What are my Fundraising requirements?

A - You have 2 options to choose from here.  You can either NOT take part in our Purdy's fundraiser, at a reduced rate, or you can take part and purchase the required amount to then re-sell them and recuperate your money.  Follow the link to receive some more info.

Q - My son or daughter is bored in Novice, they play at a higher level than this division.  Can they move up to 11U ?

A - It is possible but there are a few criteria that they must meet first. Each child will be looked at on a case by case basis and the final decision must be approved first by the Player Agent, see our executive board page for their contact info.  If it gets to that step, steps need to be taken to then have it approved by BC Minor as this is a big jump for kids. If they do get approved to move up they must still do the required time in that next division making the amount of years spent in the 11U Mosquito division 3 instead of 2.


Bat Sizing...

Max Bat Length : 30"

Max Barrel width : 2 5/8"

Max Drop Weight : Unlimited (The difference between the bat length and weight. ie. 30" Long x 20oz is a "drop 10")

Notes : Bats with greater than 2 1/4" barrel must be marked with "USABB" Logo

If you have any questions about the Novice division please contact...

Novice coordinator -

Kevin White

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