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A requirement for ALL coach's to complete prior to being put in charge of a team. 

Any Head Coach, Assistant Coach or anyone for that matter that is put in charge of supervising  youth members of Triangle Athletic Association must complete the attached questionaire.  For obvious reasons we want to ensure this is a safe environment for all children to learn and grow.  Click on the photo below and it will take you to the Provincial Records Check website.  Because this is being done on behalf of our volunteer organization this CRC is free of charge, all you need to do is to enter the Triangle Baseball Access Code below.  It is approximately a 2 week turnaround at which time we will receive electronic notification of the results.  If you get the thumbs up we will keep your results on file.  If you do not get approval we will both be notified of the results.  If there is an application that is still in question we will once again both be notified.  You will either have to provide more personal information or in some cases you will need to go to your nearest police station to provide a set of finger prints.

** Successful CRC's are valid for 5 years


(Access Code - V2A45CZ9EQ)

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