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11U - Mosquito Prospects

Mosquito prospects is a "developmental" program providing kids the opportunity to play some higher caliber baseball. It is in conjunction with your spring house ball league but CAN NOT interfere with any of your house team programs. 

Q - When does the season start?

A -  Around the second to third week of April and goes until the end of May. 

Q - What does the assessment process look like?

A - Based on the assessment numbers from our house ball evaluations X amount of kids will get an invite to the first assessment.  After the initial cuts from assessment #1 the remainder of the kids will have a second assessment in a game like setting.  Upon completion of the second assessment the coaching staff will pick their roster.

Q - What kind of commitment  is involved with playing on this team?

A - Once again, prospect practices and games CAN NOT interfere with any house ball programs.  Now in all honesty it is very tough to find time to pull all players together for a practice when they are all on different house teams with different game and practice schedules.  As for games, prospects play 1 game on Sundays between roughly 12pm and 3pm.

Q - Is there a cost to playing on this team?

A - Negative.  The only thing we get for the team is a prospect jersey but that is funded by the league.

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